Nanny Mania

Nanny Mania – Babysitting game
Enter the family of the city’s Mayor to look after kids and do other miscellaneous tasks in Nanny Mania! Find yourself in a big house which looked cross-sectioned from above and immediately start doing your household duties. Nanny’s chores do not only include sitting with kids, feeding them and changing nappies. In this game you are also challenged to a great variety of other household chores such as doing the laundry, cleaning, mopping – in other words, making the house and its inhabitants spic and span. Some of your duties can only be completed in a few steps which makes the overall time-managing experience a bit more complicated. To finish a level you need to accomplish all your daily duties. The Nanny Mania game offers you 150 levels of fun. Your daily routine may seem annoying due its repetitiveness. For example, throughout these 150 levels your nanny leaves her job twice and reincarnates to serve another family moving in the same house. So you have a chance to play the game 3 times – each time for a different nanny! Families grow; new kids arrive, making your life a bit tougher. But if you are good at time management you’ll do whatever they ask you. Being a Nanny is an art so reach perfection – during each level you do your best to accomplish your domestic errands as quickly as possible showing the best time indicated on the menu panel below. Meet the deadline in time in Nanny Mania to prove you can cope with things quickly and simultaneously score as many points as possible! Pity, those are just the scores, not your salary. Enjoy being a nanny!


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